Q: can we buy tablets and mobiles?

ANS: No. we provide the information and specifications of mobile phones and tablets and keep the visitors updated about latest mobiles and tablets.

Q: What is your source of information about handsets?

ANS: originality is our extensive element to bargain confidence of the visitors. We collect information from the original sites of brand makers, we sum up the collection and update here.


Q: is the information provided by you is 100% correct?

ANS: The information we display here is the summary of the information we read from the original makers sites that may be a little modified while making a collective content. To get more information and gratification you can visit a nearest mobile displays and shops.

Q: Do you refer different websites to buy mobile online?

ANS: No, we don’t refer to any website we believe in delivering up to the mark information about mobile phones its quality and prices.

Q: After how much time span the prices of mobile changes?

ANS: It depends on the manufacturing company of mobile phones. When the brand launches a new handset the prices of the old one decrease. Usually the companies launch a new set after 2 to 5 months.